Our offerings facilitate your getting back to being “centered.” That means you deserve to feel your best not just on some days, but every day. Additionally, feeling centered means you get to focus on yourself. At Simple Vita, we believe that optimism, self-empowerment, and a genuine generosity towards others are what creates a simple life of love, gratitude and integrity.

Our offerings address the following themes:

Way of the fertile soul
Understanding that our fertility is not just our reproductive system, but represents so much more that makes for a productive (and simple!) life.

Holistic Wellness
Learning tips on how to take better emotional/physical/spiritual care of ourselves.

Connecting to the Divine Within
Exploring a variety of cultural archetypes – Greek, African, Latino, Native American and Asian – so that we are more attuned to our innate characters.

Back to Nature
Unearthing how the natural elements make up our personalities.

Remembering How To Play
Engaging in spontaneous play to wake up our creativity, so that we can better manage our financial, professional and family lives.

Abundant Blessings
Expressing thanksgiving and allowing ourselves to feel grace.

Living More Vertically, Not Just Horizontally
Connecting more to The Source or our hearts, so that we don’t get caught up in just working on our careers and relationships and acquiring possessions.


Life is a Circus!
With creative play, participants will learn how to fit themselves into life’s balancing of priorities.

Using scenario planning, participants will gain insights into their priorities and actions to take to get where they want to be.

Goddesses in Everywoman
Based on cultural archetypes such as the Greek goddesses, Filipino Baybaylan or earthly elements (earth, wind, fire, water), participants will develop intuitiveness into their individual characters.

Journal to the Self
A taste of writing therapy to put you on your journey to your heart’s desires.

Who’s Your Superhero?
In an interactive and creative setting, participants will become better communicators, so that they can lead more empowered lives.

A Prayer Circle
In a communal setting, participants will share their wisdom in how they pray and will engage in a non-sectarian prayer ring.

Gaiam Living
Going green by learning inexpensive renewable energy technologies and ways of sustainable living.

Five Wishes
In the spirit of wishing, participants will discover how to make their deepest hopes come true.