About Us

Our Origin

Simple Vita came about as a result of waiting for my father to die from cancer in August 2008. There’s nothing more trying than waiting for death. We understood that time was not on our side, so we scheduled frequent dinners and a summer outing not really knowing when to expect Dad’s passing. As my husband and I made sure to spend time with Dad, we wanted to have all the needed conversations we could possibly have and asked him, “What advice do you have for us?” Dad’s response was,“Live a simple life.

August 2016 marks Dad’s eightth death anniversary, and his words continue to ring in our ears, especially for me who after working 18 years in New York City, am now a work-from-home mama with my miracle toddler. My life partner and I have benefited and learned so much from Dad’s words, “Live a simple life,” that we wanted to apply our professional skills to the meaningful pursuit of sharing his wisdom with others — hence, the creation of Simple Vita.

Who are we?


Sheelagh Cabalda is an educator and freelance grant writer who has worked extensively in multicultural counseling, diversity education/cultural studies, youth development, higher education, events administration, cancer support, and non-profit management. As a result of changing life experiences — mainly her older brother’s autism, her husband’s heart bypass surgery, and her father’s death from prostate cancer — Sheelagh continues to learn how to appreciate a simple life and has devoted herself to creating communities of women’s wisdom circles to do so. She is currently working on her certification to teach yoga and mindfulness to children. 


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Alexander Torres is an executive strategist who has extensive experience in coaching executive leaders, physicians, artists, educators, and public servants. With an exceptionally knowledgeable background in healthcare, Alex has developed an appreciation for holistic wellness. As a coronary artery bypass graft (CABG)/open heart survivor at a young 38 years old, Alex experienced more than a broken heart, and he developed a fresh perspective on life. His wish is to provide others with the opportunity to fulfill their hearts’ desires whatever they may be.

This wife and husband team works because they have an honest commitment to inspire each other to be the best and most authentic they can be as individuals and sharing that promise with others – women and men. They envision a community where women and men and girls and boys take the time to nurture themselves, give to others, and delight in the joys of living a simple life.