Divine surprises

It’s been a while since my last SV post. I’ve been struggling with reinventing myself in the midst of mama-dom. I have long wanted to refresh the SV site (and it remains on my to-do list), so that it reflects my current interests in children’s yoga and mindfulness, but haven’t exactly made the time to do so. I remind myself, respect the process.

In the meantime
Having been raised Catholic, I’m accustomed to celebrating Easter Sunday, an event that involves a miraculous resurrection and all that is possible. I’m left to wonder, where are the windows of divine surprises?

In the midst of life’s magic, I find those windows in the following:

  • the ongoing trills of tree frogs during my baths in the woods;
  • the majestic rush during a hike along our localĀ Great Falls;
  • or in the the kindness of neighbors who invite us to celebrate the springtide and join in a friendly egg hunt.

No matter how much thoughtful time I might be taking to tackle my next goals, I continue to seek out lunettes of sacred wisdom that will guide me toward a personal reawakening.

What are your windows of blissful discernment?

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