In the time of the pink pussyhats

In these times of resistance and revolutionary love, I have been overwhelmed with worries, especially of how to parent in the age of this current political administration. We can no longer trust our political system or our politicians to make positive choices for our communities, and it is terribly daunting.

My mantra has been, we must drown in kindness.

Random and simple acts of kindness. Being kind to ourselves and taking care of each other and the world. It can be as simple as paying for someone’s morning coffee in the car behind me via the drive-thru at my neighborhood Dunkin’ Donuts.

Recently I was moved by singer Adele’s grammy acceptance speech about what a struggle motherhood is (yes, I welled up listening to Adele’s words), especially in the midst of revolutionary love. It is worrisome. ¬†It is exhausting. It IS hard. And in these insane times, how do I come back to myself when I’ve spent the last four and a half years nurturing my daughter?

One breath at a time. One day at a time.

Part of my process has also been to include N. in my actions for change. She helped me make signs for the Women’s March on Washington. She lines up her critters and lalaloopsy figures as they prepare to march. She holds up a sign above her head and struts about the house. And this past weekend, she attended her first Moms Demand Action meeting, where other mommas brought their children too, so that we could all make political art and send our messages of “No guns in schools” to the White House.

Ironically it is these disheartening times that have pushed me to return to my more activist self. The present reminds me that all I can do is stay as engaged as possible in our communities. I don’t feel that I have any other choice. It’s not enough to just focus on my family, especially when there is a big ol’ world out there.

Most days, I am overcome with wanting to do more and contribute more to this world. Still figuring out where I fit in, other than N.’s mama.

How do you fit into the current state of affairs?

In the meantime, may the world overflow with kindess. Huddle up. Resist in love.

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