Invite intention

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I participate in my community with courage. 

During my hike this morning, I invited intention.

The Women’s March on Washington is next weekend. Thankfully I will be walking alongside with a dear friend of mine trekking down from Philadelphia.

I, and especially my partner, have concerns about security and threats of violence. But I don’t want fear to keep me from participating in a movement I want so much to be a part of.

On MLK weekend
I want N. to value compassion and kindness. Recently she’s asked, ‘Who is Martin Luther King?’ We respond that he was a social justice leader who believed that everyone should be kind to each other. So we checked out a children’s library book about MLK. I skipped the last couple of pages that mentioned he was shot to death. I (am hopeful) know that a four-year-old can understand what it means to be gentle and considerate. I am thankful that she is brave enough to ask all kinds of questions, including ‘Who is Martin Luther King?’ and wants to learn about significant historical figures like MLK.

I particpate in my community with courage. 

I need positive and mindful action. For me. I need to let go of gripping fear. I need to march alongside those who believe in togetherness. Why? For human rights. For hope.

Given a new administration in the lurks, what intention will you set?

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