A good bath

img_8391How did I let October get away from me?

As the season changes, sometimes all we need is a good bath. And if it’s a forest bath, even better.

Since the colors have been turning, I’ve been immersing myself in our neighboring woods, and it’s been glorious! Forest bathing has been absolutely refreshing.  The woods’ oils have a soothing power, one that truly lowers my blood pressure and makes me feel physically at ease. Many times, A. and I discuss what a positive change it has been to live among the woods. It allows him to leave work at work and not feel the pressures of commuting to and from his workplace. I, too, don’t feel as stressed on a daily basis. The task of driving local roads isn’t wrought with intense road rage. It’s just not as (NJ/NY) frenetic busy. Another bonus?  My four-year-old witnesses and naturally delights in how the trees and leaves dance to the music of the autumn winds. No doubt a forest bath grounds us.

Three tips for the best bath you’ve ever had to detox, relax and cleanse your spirit:

Get outside. Get away from your phone (or at least, turn it off).  Get away from your computer. Get away from your TV. It simply makes you happy, and you can feel it in every part of your being. Whether alone or with a friend or family member, being outdoors and taking a break from technology and the confines of a building ups your quality of life and makes for memorable experiences too.

Breathe nature’s perfume. When we’re enclosed by walls and constantly inhaling manufactured forced heat or air conditioning, it can poison our physical bodies cell by cell. Maybe not fatal, but definitely not healthy. Take a chance, take a breath, and reacquaint yourself with your natural surroundings.

Increase your blood flow. Soaking in some natural light increases our Vitamin D intake and has positive effects on our overall health. Embrace the adventure of being outdoors, no matter how small the excursion, because a regular dose of Vitamin D prevents cancer and diabetes, boosts our immune system, and fights depression and osteoporosis.

Forget Calgon, and let the Trees take you away.  When will you schedule your next forest bath?

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