Walking deeper

fullsizerender-22A praying mantis sat by our deck sliding doors for two days straight. N. initially found it hanging on the screen door, then it moved higher onto the side. Apparently it’s a symbol of patience, mindfulness, and inner stillness. Almost two months in our new home, I’ve been discovering new hiking paths, and there are so many to explore. It’s intriguing how being on these paths continues to increase¬†my self-confidence.

This morning, during my weekend walk I decided to follow a different path and go further into the woods. While I’m not completely alone as there are other runners, walkers and those strolling with their dogs, there are indeed patches of alone-ness. Because I’m new to these woods and without a dog, it can be a bit intimidating, and I don’t want to be afraid of the unknown. I want to have the nerve to walk through these unfamiliar woods and know that my spirit is better for it.

fullsizerender-23Walking deeper into the woods forces me to take one moment, one step at a time as I listen to the leaves rustling or a creature scurry through or a bird call to its neighbor. Walking deeper into the woods forces me to take one breath at a time as I focus on my surroundings and stride. Walking deeper into the woods forces me to wander with all my senses, taking note of what I feel, hear, see, smell, and taste.

I’ve never had a keen sense of direction, so walking deeper into the woods and on the Red Road pushes me to trust myself and be courageous in the moment.

What drives you to walk deeper and feel self-assured?

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