Thankful for transition

FullSizeRender (20)The last eight months have been full of transition, some anxiety, some relief, and definitely many needed deep breaths. I have been conscious of not focusing on not being able to be content until  ‘when we finally settle in permanently’ as I’ve wanted to enjoy our exploration of our new surroundings.

It can be a challenge to be calm in the midst of transition. But through it, I’ve remained thankful.

Thankful for knowing what we want.  We moved because we wanted a better (and slower paced) quality of life. Folks are nicer in the South (though still can’t believe folks consider Virginia the South). That has proven itself every day. In the nine years we lived at our old house in Jersey, we hadn’t developed any budding relationships with our neighbors as everyone kept to themselves. Here, I’ve developed a couple of meaningful friendships — one with a mother of young kids, who is some years younger than me and another with an older neighbor who thought I was her daughter’s age, but turns out I’m an entire decade older than her daughter! I am thankful for these new cross generational relationships. N., too, has developed her own friendships with the neighborhood kids.

Thankful that we understand goals take time. Like potty learning — after the trauma of hospitalization more than a year ago and taking a month-long pause. But N. did it and continues to do so. She pees on the big toilet. We celebrated with a little ‘I can pee bare butt!” party, and it included a Baskin Robbins oreo ice cream cake.

Thankful for perspective. Multiple open houses and appointments to view properties, including seeing two dozen properties in two months, felt like a mad scramble to find the right home amidst a fast-paced housing market.  But it’s A.’s professional opportunity which gifts us this adventure in unfamiliar territory.  I’ve had to remind myself that these are first world concerns. We’re not displaced refugees trying to survive in a new country.

Thankful for imperfection. No one person or their life is perfect. Everyone digs deep to find the courage to overcome their fears. And when it feels like a competition or someone’s judging or I’m judging, it’s our insecurities creeping up. It’s then that we need to dig deep and act compassionately towards each other and ourselves. Not easy, but I continue to learn to appreciate imperfection.

Thankful that we trust the Universe. In an imperfect moment, perhaps we were the third bid on a house that didn’t pan out. Turns out, there’s a reason. We were meant to make another home our own where we absolutely see ourselves in nature’s wonderment as we continue to uncover our souls.

Life isn’t just good. It’s amazing.

How do you stay positive in transition times?

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