Spring (re)awakening

FullSizeRender (17)Easter weekend has passed, another opportunity for reflection. My brother-in-law and his family stopped by en route to another college tour (third child), and we relished in a family dinner. Just us sitting together around the table touching base and reconnecting. I absolutely treasure these moments.

Why? Because I am reborn.

It’s a sacred experience — to be in the presence of loved ones and be truly interested in each other’s successes and ongoing rebirths.

Rebirth FullSizeRender (18)is like the hydrangea bush outside our home budding, and we patiently await the enormous beautiful bursts of color. Rebirth is looking forward to the magnetic butterfly bushes that will attract the most bewitching fluttery swallowtails.

Being reborn is a gladness of heart. As we explore how to refresh ourselves, we also bask in the (re)awakening of our family members as they, too, engage in their personal renaissance.

With every spring, how are you reborn?

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