Prayer for possibilities

IMG_6280We recently celebrated the lunar new year of the monkey along with my now three-and-a-half-year-old’s half birthday. Halfway around the sun to the possibilities that lie before her. Last week, I thought that she had given up on her naps. Turns out that she just needed an easy listening reboot to her acoustic guitar music. Now it’s the lull of guided meditations to which she takes her much needed respites.

Light to heavy snow showered on and off this morning until early afternoon, each snowflake beautifully different from the next and sublimely mesmerizing for N. and me to witness outside our breakfast window. A most welcome pause in the midst of . . . our new Life . . . in Vienna.

As the sun peeks out, I am captivated by this morning’s glory.

Bursts of snowflakes fall daintily from the oyster skies. I stand in the midst of the snowfall. So delicate, so silent. I imagine a balmy light shining radiantly through my core, up and out through my heart’s center. The snowfall begins to gently turn into a rainbow of colors that ever so slightly sparkles through the frost — fanciful fogs of red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, purple, and blush.

I take a deep breath. Another. And another . . .

My feet root more deeply into the earth.

I breathe in peace, I breathe out inspired possibility.

Happy lunar new year. How do you pray for possibilities?

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