To dwell in possibility

FullSizeRender (9)To fear reinvention or dwell in possibility? I’ve been at home with my little lady for almost three years. While I’ve made the choice to enjoy this time with her, the ongoing fear of reinventing myself when I reenter the workforce has been daunting. Having completed Basic Training-Level 1 to teach children’s yoga, I’ve just returned from a turning point in my Life’s jouney.

After almost twenty years of working exhaustingly in New York City, I wasn’t sure what would come next in my career path to allow me to balance work and family life in a way that keeps life simple and keeps me inspired. But after an amazing experience facilitated by ChildLight Yoga (Dover, NH), I dwell in possibility. The possibility of returning to my passion of working with young people and loving what I do. The possibility of living more creatively. The possibility of exploring more than one calling in my lifetime.

In a world full of anxiety and ugliness, it is possible to be filled with hope. Hope that we can shine our individual lights amidst social injustices and do our part to nurture our communities.

Initially, I wasn’t sure about my decision to teach children’s yoga. I don’t have hundreds of hours of yoga training. I’m not super¬†flexible. But yoga has taught me to respect where I happen to be in the moment, to let go of my fear and try. While I may not be in the most perfect pose, I can take a deep breath and appreciate the simple act of being — without judgement, without fear . . . I can take a deep breath, ground myself and simply appreciate being courageous. How wonderfully amazing for young people to learn mindful awareness and not have to wait until adulthood to embody such an important practice.

To be surrounded by women of diverse professional backgrounds (e.g. hardcore yoga instructors, early childhood and middle school educators, school counselors, therapists), ages, and body types — all committed to using yoga as a tool to educate youth in the gentle effort to be continuously present — was truly a gift I’m so thankful to have given myself. (And a most heartful thank you to my partner who supports me.) It was additionally helpful to be in a community of women, some of whom had been where I am — thinking about next steps regarding reentry into the world of work after taking some time off to be at home with their children. Ahh, the power of a women’s wisdom circle!

After an intense 17 hours together, I need not fear reinvention. I need only take a deep breath, trust I am meant to be where I am, and dwell in possibility.

I am brave!

How do you purposefully pay attention and stay positive?

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