Sunny affirmations

photo (4)Summertime’s here! ‘Tis the season to slow down, make memories, and give to ourselves. So thankful that I was able to attend my first session of Yoga by the Bay. At 8am, the sun beamed strong as I lay my mat down in the dewy grass. Admittedly it took some effort this morning to drag myself out of bed. But with my Bailey’s Irish cream flavored coffee French-pressed fresh in hand, I knew that I’d be delighted after a peaceful morning to meet the day.

It does require some discipline and desire to awake from sleep, get dressed and take a 15-minute drive down to what has become my sanctuary, a local gem of sacred. What a gift it is to give to myself — an hour all to myself, an hour to affirm myself.

My personal intention this morning? I am content with the amazing woman that I am, and it’s enough.

Much of the time, we live in anxiety and fear of failure. Those negative thoughts can repeat in our mind’s recorder so much so that they can manifest into reality. But they don’t have to, if we affirm ourselves. We have the power to positively envision ourselves in our truth.  The quality of our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves can tremendously affect how inspired we are to make choices that enable us to truly appreciate Life.

This summer, may I invite you to celebrate YOU? Because — You Are . . . You Have . . . You Can! How will you affirm yourself?

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