Goddesses in Everywoman

Based on cultural archetypes such as the earthly elements (earth, wind, fire, water), Filipino Baybaylan or Greek goddesses, participants will develop intuitiveness into their individual characters.

More than beauty and grace, a goddess is also a life force. Everywoman has a leading role in her unfolding life story. Participants will delve into Everywoman’s psychology and explore their goddess tendencies.  In addition to cultural stereotypes, power forces influence Everywoman — what they do and how they feel, which account for major differences among women. Understanding these inner patterns and their interrelationships offers reassuring, true-to-life alternatives that take women far beyond such restrictive dichotomies as masculine/ feminine, mother/lover, careerist/housewife, allowing Everywoman to grow in Her self-awareness. Discover your ruling goddess. Are you the autonomous Artemis or the cool Athena? Maybe you’re the nurturing Demeter or creative Aphrodite? Learn how to cultivate or overcome your Goddess within, and how to tap the power of these enduring archetypes to become a better “heroine” in your own life story.

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