Archive | January, 2013

The immense window

Even in the most freezing days of winter, the sun shines so warmly through our home’s front window on the east side. Falling light casts a peaceful shadow on our livingroom floor as I snuggle my daughter before she goes down for her mid-morning nap. An instrumental soundscape, usually Halpern, plays in the background, and […]

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1.8.13 Quote of the Day: Janet Echelman

  “I’d seen it every day, but this time I saw it differently.” – Janet Echelman, artist, TED-ED I came across this quote on the TED-ED site. It’s from an amazing artist Janet Echleman who set out to become an artist with not training at all. She worked hard at her craft then, inspiration came […]

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New year of courage

As 2013 kicks off, I reflect on how 2012 went. Full of relationships that shift.  Shift in ways we desire. Shift in ways that continue to challenge us. Situations that force us to muster up the courage to release resistance. Resistance to the fact that we cannot change who others love, what others think, or […]

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