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Divine surprises

It’s been a while since my last SV post. I’ve been struggling with reinventing myself in the midst of mama-dom. I have long wanted to refresh the SV site (and it remains on my to-do list), so that it reflects my current interests in children’s yoga and mindfulness, but haven’t exactly made the time to […]

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In the time of the pink pussyhats

In these times of resistance and revolutionary love, I have been overwhelmed with worries, especially of how to parent in the age of this current political administration. We can no longer trust our political system or our politicians to make positive choices for our communities, and it is terribly daunting. My mantra has been, we must […]

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Invite intention

I participate in my community with courage.  During my hike this morning, I invited intention. The Women’s March on Washington is next weekend. Thankfully I will be walking alongside with a dear friend of mine trekking down from Philadelphia. I, and especially my partner, have concerns about security and threats of violence. But I don’t […]

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Searching for simple

The holidays can be overwhelming. Thankfully this year, we decided to forego the extended family gathering and enjoy our first Christmas in our new home. Chances are, we will enjoy a quiet thanksgiving with a quick trot to neighboring family and perhaps hosting a close friend, which will make for less stressful festivities. My biggest […]

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A good bath

How did I let October get away from me? As the season changes, sometimes all we need is a good bath. And if it’s a forest bath, even better. Since the colors have been turning, I’ve been immersing myself in our neighboring woods, and it’s been glorious! Forest bathing has been absolutely refreshing.  The woods’ oils […]

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Walking deeper

A praying mantis sat by our deck sliding doors for two days straight. N. initially found it hanging on the screen door, then it moved higher onto the side. Apparently it’s a symbol of patience, mindfulness, and inner stillness. Almost two months in our new home, I’ve been discovering new hiking paths, and there are […]

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Connecting with our tribe

As our parents grow older, we take on the opportunity to bring our tribe together. This past weekend was the first biennial Lopez/Torres family reunion (my partner’s extended kin) generously organized by the second generation, my brother- and sister-in-law. Thing is, when it comes to whom we are related by blood (or marriage), we may […]

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Thankful for transition

The last eight months have been full of transition, some anxiety, some relief, and definitely many needed deep breaths. I have been conscious of not focusing on not being able to be content until  ‘when we finally settle in permanently’ as I’ve wanted to enjoy our exploration of our new surroundings. It can be a challenge to […]

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Finding my voice

April is Autism Awareness Month. For those who have an autistic loved one, every day is about understanding autism. Today is my brother’s birthday. He’s 47. Since we didn’t grow up together, I don’t speak much about him. In my early twenties, I began therapy as I had much anxiety about the future and the […]

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Spring (re)awakening

Easter weekend has passed, another opportunity for reflection. My brother-in-law and his family stopped by en route to another college tour (third child), and we relished in a family dinner. Just us sitting together around the table touching base and reconnecting. I absolutely treasure these moments. Why? Because I am reborn. It’s a sacred experience […]

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