“Vita” derives from the Latin origin, meaning life.

Simple Vita is more than a philosophy. It’s a set of tools to keep you grounded. Simple Vita supports you, so you can keep being there for others. It’s so easy to have our minds run amok with all kinds of worries – financial, career, family and usually last of all, our personal wellbeing. We need to give ourselves permission to take care of ourselves whether it’s through whimsical creativity, strategic journeying to the self or practical how-to's on coaching yourself to keeping the day-to-day down-to-earth. Welcome to your simple life!

This site is a quiet space for women and men to breathe, reflect and feed their souls. We offer retreat experiences such as weekend workshops that fit into lives where women and men must balance work, families and time for themselves. Making time for You is essential. In a world where responsibilities take over, we must allow ourselves to take peaceful moments and refuel, so that we can actualize the joys of living a simple life.